Lets Open Up For Golf!

Whats so interesting about carnoustie, is its beloved golf course. I’m sure we’ve all heard the news that Zack Johnson has won the British open by now, and its incredible because the last time he won a major, was the masters back in 2007. I know you all will be pleased to know that I am finally going to start talking about Carnoustie, and golf, one of my passions that is the reason that I started this blog.

One thing that any carnoustie resident must know is that we have transportation issues. We do not have many major transportation road available and limited rail access. Dont even bother asking about where the major airports are. If you really want to learn more about that check out this link. If there is one thing that I know, it is quality transportation when I see it, and for that we can can be grateful (eg. NYC, I saw taxis galore- great transportation).


Nature Vs. Nurture

Nature v nurtureDon’t get me wrong-I think our heritage is important. Everyone looks the way that they do for a reason- their genetics brought upon by their family. None of us have any choice in the matter. I would not matter how badly I wanted to be Asian, a sperm is going to join with an egg, form an embryo and pop me out 9 months later with combined genetics from my mother and father.

For that reason I wanted to rant a bit, about nature vs. nurture and address some of this Caitlin Jenner news that has cropped up recently.

I started thinking more about it recently on a trip to RI. My parents have ties in the US and lived their for close to 15 years. For those of you who don’t know New England very well (it is indeed very far away from our Carnoustie), it is a colder version of what we are used to- although it has similar fauna and flora. I was there in the winter last year (it was 8 degrees every day there!) for a movie premier.


Here Comes The Red Carpet!

Before I get into the depths of what the beautiful township of Carnoustie means to Scotland, I would like to delve a bit more into the pop culture of our country. You may be wondering, who are some of the famous inhabitants and/or people from Scotland, and how did they make it? Well, I want to go into that detail here…So lets talk down the red carpet a bit and learn about some of the famous Scottish Celebs… Maybe you can spot them at our Carnoustie Golf Course, pulling into their mansion in a limo from a local company (worcesterviplimos.com).. Keep an eye out, here we go!

Gerard ButlerButler

We obviously know him as the brawny 300 leader, but what about this actors background is interesting? He was born in Renfrewshire, Scotland and was the runt of the litter. Being Irish catholic, his family moved to Montreal when he was very young. But her marriage fell apart and his mother moved back to Scotland with him… He actually got good grades as a student in his youth, allowing him to study law here in Glasgow. He finally met his father again later in life and it moved him emotionally. His father died when he was 22 years old of cancer, and it sent him into a deep depression. He then moved to California and the rest is history… He constantly speaks of his love for our beloved Scotland!


Part 2- Scotland History

Just to pick up where we left off. Heres part 2-

Robert Bruce was evicted from the country of Scotland by the high papal community for killing a man. Nobility from Scotland came together and they wrote a declaration together and many of his loyal subjects wanted him to retake the throne.scotland

At the time you began to create one of the most exquisite churches ever conceived by humankind. It had incredible workmanship and the gravesite deep in the heart of the chapel. It has been part of many conspiracy theories and inspired thoughts about the liberal illuminati, pagan cults and the Knights Templar.

King James of Scotland was one of the last and most honorable of Scotland’s Kings to cease his life on the grassy fields at war with the Great Britain. The great battle of the Scottish led by King James and his troops commenced on the eve of a warm night in September in the night… So many soldiers lives are taken and so was their great rulers..


Bit Of History…

There are some incredible things that happened in the past with our beautiful beloved country of Scotland. Of course our very over-told story of William Wallace’s defiant battles against the English army. We all know about it from the famous Hollywood movie! It is actual tragic that the composer for the movie- James Horner– passed away the other day, in a horrible accident!

Nobody really knows the other the parts of Scotland’s history so I decided to add this post as kind of a precursor towards writing about Carnoustie, the golf course, and more local history.


There are so many stories of wars that were begun, intertwined and needed to govern a great country in terms of its provisions for the people. In essence, Scotland has had many events in its past that shaped what it is today.

The history of Scotland goes back to when the great empire of the Romans in their province, started reaching as far north and came right up to the edge of Scotland. In New Caledonia, the  area that is generally called the North of Scotland, was led by pikes at the time. With many wars beginning, Scotland prevailed in a few, which forced a roman retreat, and parts of the claimed territory, returned back to the hands of the South. This in essence created the entire land we like to know as Scotland.


Dont You Worry Child!

Dont worry- We are just updating the site and ready to give you some awesome Scotland travel tips, information and personal stories about Scotland and my heritage. Coming right up!!!